Crystal Golden Congressional Campaign

Conservative Values

This is the website for the election of candidate Crystal Golden to the U.S. House, CA District 26.


About the Candidate

Crystal is from Thousand Oaks. Her employment background is in assistant property management.

She has been involved in political activism for years. She wants to make a difference for this area by challenging the incumbent to gain a seat in the legislature for conservatives. 


“I do not feel that the incumbent represents the people of this district well. My campaign wants to support the needs of the residents here. That includes people of different ages and their needs,  various industries that can help this nation, as well as workers, businesses and local farming communities.”   -Crystal





Democrats have been elected for terms with a particularly strong amount of donors coming from our district’s current representative. In order to win, we need Republicans who will commit themselves to stepping up their efforts and together we can truly make a difference.





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